10 Ways to Choose the Right Presenters for Your Sales Team

If you want to succeed at selling, you need to make sure you hire the right people for the job. Whether you’re pitching to an investor, cold calling over the phone, or giving a presentation to a potential client, it takes certain skills to seal the deal and not everyone is cut out for this kind of job. Identifying the core characteristics of successful salespeople can help you choose the best presenters for your sales team. Below are some of the most important traits to look for when selecting presenters for your sales team. 

1. Choose someone who is confident.

If someone doesn’t believe in themselves, how can they possibly convince someone else to believe in what they are selling? Attitude is everything and someone who is confident isn’t afraid to showcase their communication skills and do whatever it takes to get the sale. 

2. Choose someone who is extroverted. 

Extroverts are generally friendly, outgoing, and sociable and they enjoy engaging in conversations with other people. They tend to interact easily with others and have the ability to find common ground. This is important in sales because it helps them to better connect with potential customers. 

3. Choose someone who is passionate. 

Passion sells and clients can feel when you are genuinely passionate about what you are selling. When selecting members for your sales team, ask them to share why they want to sell your product or service and what it means to them. This will help you better identify those who are passionate about the product or service. 

4. Choose someone who is assertive.

Sales isn’t always easy and people can be quick to push back and say no. You want to ask potential sales people how they would handle this type of rejection. Are they willing to speak up and stand up for what they believe or will they become a shrinking violet?

5. Choose someone who is competitive.

Competition drives people to greatness and no great competitor accepts losing well. That’s why you want to look to hire people who are competitive and ambitious. You want a sales person that strives to be the best, not someone who is willing to settle for average. 

6. Choose someone who is courteous.

Not only do you want a sales presenter who is assertive and competitive, but you also want someone who is courteous and polite. Remember that your customers don’t want to play hardball all the time and they want to buy from someone who seems like they will go the extra mile for them. 

7. Choose someone who is honest.

A successful salesperson doesn’t need to fib to close the deal. This will only burn bridges and prevent future leads from this contact. Rather, you want someone who maintains honesty and integrity in order to build a healthy network. 

8. Choose someone who is persistent.

Persistence, when done respectfully, can make the difference between closing or losing the deal. A persistent salesperson does not simply accept “no” for an answer and walk away. Rather, they look for multiple opportunities to connect with the client and continue working with them until they find a solution. 

9. Choose someone who is knowledgeable.

You want a salesperson who knows your product or service inside and out. They are willing to take the time to learn about it and their knowledge of the product is evident when they speak about it. This makes them appear more credible, which is a huge selling point to clients. 

10. Choose someone with excellent social awareness.

Are they able to figure out the person they are presenting to? Can they read the room? Can they find ways to connect with their audience? You want to choose a salesperson who can analyze social situations and adjust their pitch accordingly.