• Do you need to present as part of your professional role?
  • Do you find yourself nervous before big meetings or webinars?
  • Do you want to boost your impact next time you speak?

The Powerful Presentationsâ„¢ training seminar is designed for professionals who find presentations are part of their professional life. The program is geared to the range of situations where busy professionals require Stand Up Presentation Skills, Board Room Presentation Skills, Sitting Presentation Skills, PowerPoint Presentation Skills, Telephone Presentation Skills and Trade show Presentation Skills. Building on our standard presentation curriculum we place more focus on issues raised by busy professionals themselves.

Benefits of Powerful Presentationsâ„¢ Training
The benefits of the Powerful Presentationsâ„¢ Training Course are felt for years to come. From overcoming nerves, to organizing remarks, to finessing delivery skills, the outcomes impact every presentation ever made. With an initial focus on stand up presentation skills, participants learn how to also apply presentation skills to other types of public speaking including webinars, telephone calls or important board room meetings. Participants will benefit by learning how to better:

  • Understand The Audience’s Needs
  • Probe For Problem Areas
  • Engage Listeners From The Start
  • Organize the Presentation for Impact
  • Project Control And Confidence
  • Overcome Nerves
  • Use Eye Contact To Establish Rapport
  • Use Vocal Dynamics To Create Credibility
  • Use Body Movement To Convey Confidence
  • Highlight Key Points With Gestures
  • Convey Data Without Boring the Audience
  • Use Persuasive Communication Techniques
  • Heighten Interest By Highlighting Benefits
  • Utilize PowerPoint, Brochures and Other Visual Media
  • Overcome Client Objections
  • Engage Listeners Continuously
  • Handle Challenging Q & A
  • Summarize Important Points

Workshop Materials
Every participant receives a personalized copy of the Powerful Presentationsâ„¢ Workshop Manual.

Contact us for Presentation Training Solutions
Contact us for Presentation Training Solutions

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