9 Reasons to Use Presentation Technology in Your Next Sales Pitch

Long gone are the days when a sales pitch involved a nice demonstration of your product and a conversation between a couple of businesspeople. In today’s business world, customers are more savvy than ever so a sales pitch must be a well-crafted, engaging, and personalized presentation. Today’s buyers are more informed than ever before, so it takes a few more bells and whistles to persuade them. In order to win in this environment, sales people need to incorporate technology to help create a powerful message for their audience. Presentation technology applications allow the presenter to better organize their presentation, show examples, and provide visual interest in order to persuade the audience. Here are just a few benefits of using presentation technology in a sales pitch. 

1. It Provides Engaging Visuals

The majority of people prefer presentations that are full of visuals. That’s because visuals help us to remember information and it also breaks up those mundane text-heavy slides. Presentation technology allows you to illustrate your points through images, colors, graphs, animations, videos, and charts, all of which engage your audience and make your pitch more effective.

2. Present Facts and Information

One of the best ways to persuade an audience is to support your points with facts and evidence. Charts and graphs are a highly effective tool for presenting information in a way that is easy for the audience to understand. Presentation software allows you to create colorful visuals that present facts and statistics in a more engaging way. 

3. You Can Interact with the Audience

Presentation technology allows you to create a two-way dialogue between you and the audience. It makes the presentation more engaging and even allows you to interact with the audience. You can draw, edit, and even add content in real time. You can also invite the audience to interact with your slides to answer surveys, take a poll, ask a question, or watch a demonstration. 

4. Create Interactive 3D Models

Technology even allows you to create interactive 3D models through capable 3D software. This makes it possible to show your audience an actual 3D representation of your products that they can rotate, zoom, and pan for easy viewing. 

5. Product Demonstration

You can embed videos into your presentation which show product demonstrations for your audience. Whether your audience is sitting right in front of you or they are watching your presentation virtually, everyone can see a live product demonstration. 

6. You Can Give Virtual Presentations

Thanks to presentation technology, you can now pitch your company’s products or services to clients anywhere in the world. This technology makes it possible to broadcast your slides online and share your presentation with anyone. You can even present virtually, allowing your audience to hear you talk and see your presentation at the same time. 

7. You Can Collaborate

Presentation software allows multiple people to work on a presentation simultaneously and allows individuals to edit in real time. You can even collaborate with the moderator, completing a Q&A session live. 

8. Promote Your Products Online

Before, during, and after your sales pitch you can promote your product through social media apps. You can also host a webinar and post an invite link on various social media apps. This helps you to connect with prospects in a variety of ways. 

9. Create a Memorable Pitch

People only remember a small fraction of what they hear, but they remember a great deal of what they see. Presentation technology allows you to connect with your audience through a variety of mediums to create a memorable sales pitch.