An Insider’s Guide to Inserting Add-Ins Into Your Online Presentation

There are several amazing software programs available to help you create the perfect presentation. Among the most popular are PowerPoint and Google Slides. Part of what makes these programs so attractive is the fact that they offer templates, graphics, animations, and other features that make creating a slideshow simple and easy. However, despite the features, you will find in your default setup, you may want to customize your slideshow even more. If so, add-ins are just what you need. There are hundreds of add-ins available that can offer features to suit just about presentation. Whether you are looking to increase your productivity, add extra pizzazz to your design, or create easy access to other resources, there is an add-in for just about anything. 

Why Use Add-Ins?

While presentation software comes with a number of fantastic default settings, there are times when you just need a little bit more. If you aren’t satisfied with the traditional features of PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can most certainly find what you are looking for with an add-in. Add-ins are a great way to take your online presentation to the next level and really customize the experience for your audience.  With add-ins, you can add unique animation, text, recordings, video clips, and visual effects with just a few clicks. Here are some of the biggest advantages of using add-ins.


Custom Templates

Part of what makes PowerPoint so appealing is that users can quickly create a presentation with one of its pre-existing templates. While this might seem convenient, it can also be boring. If a presenter prefers to design their own unique template, they can do so by using an add-in.


Interactive Features

One of the most important components of an online presentation is audience interaction and that can be difficult through a screen. That’s why add-ins can help improve the interaction between presenter and audience. You can completely customize your audience experience with unique add-ins. Whether you are inserting a chat feature, an online poll, or a custom questionnaire, add-ins allow you to interact with your audience in a number of different ways. 


Display Information

When giving an online presentation, it’s critical to keep the audience engaged. There are a number of add-ins that can help you clarify and display information through custom graphs, charts, maps, diagrams, and flowcharts. This makes it easier for your audience to follow along and understand what you are saying. It also provides a visual to help them remember the information. 


Create Visual Interest

They always say “a picture is worth 1000 words” and add-ins open up endless possibilities when it comes to photographs, images, and video clips. Add-ins can provide thousands of HD-quality images and videos that can be used to enhance your presentation and capture the attention of your audience. 


Add-ins can be useful whether you are presenting to a small group or a large audience. They are an excellent way to improve the overall look and design of your presentation while also making it easier for audience members to follow along. Add-ins are a great way to make online presentations more interactive, engaging, and dynamic.