How to Best Use Visual Aids for Presentations

The use of visual aids is an important component in delivering a powerful presentation.  When the audience actually sees images of what is being presented it allows them to become more engaged and it increases their retention.  In addition to providing supplementary information, visual aids allow the audience to connect the topic to what it looks like.  Furthermore, visual aids promote deeper thinking while captivating the attention of the audience.  Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to incorporate visual aids into your presentation.


PowerPoint is among the most common visual aids and can be effective if used properly.  A few things to remember when using PowerPoint:

-Make sure your font is big enough to be visible.

-Keep the background simple.

-Don’t get too wordy.  Only display your key points.

-Only use animations when appropriate.

Paper Handouts

Handouts can be a great way to provide detailed information for your audience. Consider passing them out at various stages of your presentation and you can leave them incomplete so that your audience can fill in pertinent information along the way.  Handouts can be great aids because it provides your audience with information they can take home.


There is no technology that is better at conveying emotion than a video.  Videos cater to the brain’s visual and auditory systems and allow the audience to connect emotionally with the content.  Videos can be used at any point in the presentation to show stimulating information.  Use them in your opening to capture audience attention.  Use them in the middle to help explain your point.  Use them in your conclusion to wrap up the content.


Props can be a great way to add value to your presentation.  Choose a prop that is relevant to the information and will contribute to the effectiveness of your message. Make sure you are comfortable handling the prop and make sure your audience can see it.  When used properly, props can be a great tool for enhancing your presentation.

Visual aids are a great way to make your presentation more interesting and entertaining.  They can liven up difficult subjects and they are a great way to connect with your audience.   They can be used to illustrate complex concepts and help to reinforce the information.  When used correctly, visual aids help to support your ideas and improve your audience’s comprehension.