How to Choose an Attention- Grabbing Image for Your First Slide

You have less than 60 seconds to capture the attention of an audience. They decide within that first minute whether they want to pay attention or begin sifting through their emails. That’s because everyone has sat through countless PowerPoint presentations and many of them will make your eyes glaze over. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you come out with a bang. That first slide needs to be riveting enough to capture the interest of the audience and keep them longing for more. Consider the following tips for choosing an engaging image that will hook your audience. 


Choose an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Think about a time when you stopped dead in your tracks to read the headline of a newspaper or magazine. Captivating headlines have a way of capturing your attention and drawing you in. What do you normally do after reading a headline? You flip through to find the article. That’s because the headline left you wanting to know more. The same concept can be applied to your slideshow. Begin with an attention-grabbing headline that will peak the attention of the audience and leave them eager to learn more. 


Use Real Photographs

They always say “a picture is worth 1000 words” so imagine how much you can say with a compelling photograph. The photograph can be something interesting that would pique curiosity or it could even be something funny since humor is a great way to engage your audience. Either way, photographs are naturally interesting. You see it every day through the boom in social media. People love looking at real life photographs and this is a great way to start your slideshow. 


Use a Fun Fact or Thought Provoking Question

There’s only one letter that doesn’t appear in any U.S. state name. Can you guess what it is? (Q) People love a good fun fact and they also love to try and guess answers to interesting questions and riddles. This is a great way to capture your audience’s attention and get them thinking. It allows you to interact with them and make them part of the presentation. 


Consider What Emotion You Want to Convey

Before you choose the perfect image for your slideshow, think about what kind of emotion you want to create in your viewer: curiosity, joy, fear, surprise, humor, concern? Images will naturally evoke emotions so you want to consider your message when selecting an image. It is also helpful to add text to your image. A caption underneath a picture can really help tell the story. Effective imagery is a great tool for communicating your message and engaging your audience.