How to Motivate Employees During a Presentation Training Workshop

We have all been there, trudging into work for a multi-day workshop on presentation training. You may feel less than enthusiastic about having to speak in front of others. Not to mention the pile of work you are leaving behind on your desk to attend the workshop. This type of attitude will not do the company any favors and will certainly not improve employee morale. That’s why it’s important for companies to get employees excited about attending the workshop so they can achieve maximum results from the training session. One of the biggest challenges companies face is motivating employees to find time for training. So, here are a few ways to motivate employees to not only attend, but be excited about their upcoming presentation training workshop. 

Ask Employees What They Want

Many companies make the mistake of implementing training workshops based on their desires, without taking into account the desires of their employees. At the start of the workshop, begin by asking employees what they hope to gain from the workshop. Ask them what they need to learn to help them do their jobs better. When the employees feel like the workshop is being tailored to their needs, they are more likely to be engaged.

Offer Incentives

Let’s be honest, incentives motivate employees to perform better. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate incentives throughout your presentation training workshop. For example, you could offer cash prizes, gift cards, or even an extra day of work for the team that gives the best presentation. You could also have some sort of review game at the end which offers prizes for the winner. Finally, provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks for employees during the workshop. Show them you are appreciative of their time and efforts. 

Make it Fun

No one wants to sit through a presentation that feels more like a college honors course. Rather, employees want to have a little fun throughout the day. Play games and create fun activities that teach important concepts while also building teamwork and morale. 

Tie the Training to Advancement Opportunities

Employees want to know how they will benefit from the workshop, so tell them. Explain to them that you are investing in their future by offering this workshop and share the opportunities that may come from strengthening their presentation skills. Explore career advancement opportunities as well as opportunities to increase their earning potential by developing their skills. Let them know why your company values presentation skills and how it can be beneficial to each employee.