How to Use Technology to Support Your Presentation and Not Distract From It

Typical slideshows, images, and PowerPoint aren’t enough to impress most people these days. We live in a digital world where people have access to their phones, tablets, and laptops at any given time so it will take something more creative to engage them and capture their attention. Audience members are bored with the same generic presentation, but with the right technology, your presentation can be more dynamic and can make a lasting impact on your audience. Consider these tips for successfully implementing technology into your next presentation. 

Enhance with Visuals

We are all familiar with the popular adage, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” This certainly holds true when it comes to giving a presentation. Your audience members likely won’t remember every word you say, but they will remember meaningful images. Visuals are a great way to enhance your presentation and convey your message. Some images, such as graphs and charts, can help people visualize information. Still images, GIFs, video clips, and animations can bring the content to life and peak the listeners’ attention. 

What to Avoid: While visuals are a great tool for enhancing your presentation, they can also be a distraction if not implemented correctly. Avoid using too much of a good thing. Too much animation can make audience members dizzy and confused while lengthy videos can be boring. Avoid unnecessary animation or transitions between slides, as this can make your presentation look unprofessional. 

Remember YOU are Main Focus

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make when incorporating technology into their presentation is the idea that it replaces their role as the speaker. Technology is meant to supplement your ideas, but YOU are still the main focus. We have all sat through presentations where the speaker read straight from the slideshow or stared directly at the screen as they talked. Avoid talking to the screen and remember to make eye contact with your audience. Also, avoid text heavy slides and keep text to a minimum. Keep your slides simple and remember they are only there to support your message. 

Engage Your Audience

In a world with so many digital distractions, it’s important to use technology to your benefit. Social media can be a fantastic way to engage your audience and encourage them to participate in your presentation. You can invite your audience to post live questions to Twitter using your own unique presentation hashtag. This is a great way to take questions from people who might otherwise not speak up. You can also use a live polling app to interact with your audience during the presentation. There are so many ways to get creative and use technology to enhance your presentation.