Leave an Impression- Tips to Make You Memorable

How many times have you sat through a presentation that bored you to tears? Chances are you forgot everything that was said within minutes of walking out the door. If you are putting in all of the work to put together a presentation you want to be sure it is something that audiences are going to remember. Memorable speeches are the ones that touch minds and hearts. In the business world, memorable presentations can shape the future. Therefore, it is not enough to walk out and just present your ideas. You must entertain and engage your audience if you want to be remembered. Employ these ideas to make your next presentation one that audiences won’t soon forget.

Show Some Energy
No great presentation can be delivered like a college lecture. Many of the audience members already have their phones out and ready to keep them occupied the minute you start losing them. The key is not losing them in the first place. You are on stage so you need to own it. Step out of your comfort zone, crack some jokes, smile, and speak with pizazz. Studies have shown that audiences prefer an enthusiastic presentation over an eloquent one. You don’t have to try and the fill the shoes of the greatest speakers in history. Simply command the stage from the minute you walk out and share your energy with the audience.

Tell a Story
Every great presenter tells a story. Stories resonate with audiences because they humanize issues and stir emotions. This is an opportunity to be human and connect with your audience through a narrative. Make sure it is interesting, thought-provoking, and most importantly, relevant.

Be Relatable
Audiences remember those speakers that they can relate to. Create an emotional connection with your audience by including humor and personal stories. Share personal experiences that will draw your audience in and leave them thinking “I know exactly what he is talking about.” When you find ways to relate to your audience, you are giving more than just a presentation…you are giving them an experience.

Use Interesting Visuals
Visuals can be anything from photographs and videos to graphics or charts, but they don’t have to stop there. You can also use interesting props to convey your message. For example, one presenter dumped an entire wheelbarrow of sugar cubes to demonstrate how sugar contributes to the childhood obesity epidemic. Any visuals you use should further illustrate your point, and doing so makes for a very memorable presentation.

Catchphrases and Repetition
One presenter is known for using unicorns all throughout his presentations. Why unicorns? Because they work. They aren’t boring like bullet points and charts and it’s something audiences remember. Come up with your own original icon or tagline and repeat it throughout your presentation. Think of it as your own personal branding. Once you become known for that thing, people will remember it and they will remember you!

Play to Your Strengths
Not everyone is an incredible speaker so how can these people achieve high ratings on their presentations? While you can’t hide someone’s weaknesses you can minimize them by maximizing their strengths. Discover your strengths and build off them. Maybe you are a great storyteller. Maybe you have a knack for visuals. Maybe your funky catchphrases are what make you memorable. In any case, identify your strengths and play to those during your presentation.