How to Make an Impact During your Whiteboard Presentation

Whiteboarding has recently gained popularity as a tool for sales professionals.  It is a collaborative tool to facilitate discussions by writing or sketching on a shared space that resembles a whiteboard.  It can be a great instrument for increasing the effectiveness and success rate for sales.  When used correctly, a whiteboard can be a powerful resource.  Here are some ways you can make an impact during your whiteboard presentation to create a lasting impression for clients.

Craft a Story

It isn’t enough to simply put some words, stick figures, and arrows on a board.  You need to be able to explain and justify what you are drawing.  This takes a great deal of planning to develop a story that will captivate the audience.  It requires proper training and incorporating a bit of brain science to choreograph a great story that will capture attention.

Make it Interactive

One of the most important elements in creating a dynamic presentation is engaging your audience.  Whiteboarding offers an excellent opportunity for audience engagement.  This is the perfect time to gather a group of people together to accomplish a task without the use of laptops or cell phones.  Rather, capture ideas throughout the discussion in words, pictures, or diagrams on the whiteboard.  Stimulate audience attention by inviting them to actively contribute while you write down their ideas.  This will make the presentation more meaningful for everyone involved.

Use Pictures

Pictures and visuals make the content in a presentation more appealing to audiences.  It also makes information easier to absorb and your key points are more likely to be remembered.  Whiteboards offer an ideal platform for making use of pictures and graphics and this can make your presentation deeply engaging.

Utilize Progressive Disclosure

Many presenters walk a fine line between not providing enough information and information overload.  If your audience is bombarded with information, the brain does not have time to process all of it and much of what you say will likely be forgotten.  Whiteboard presentations can be highly effective because of the progressive disclosure of content.  This principle mimics the natural way the brain processes information by successively building on subsequent pieces of information.  It will appeal to people’s curiosity without making them feel overwhelmed by loads of content.

Whiteboard sessions can be an exceptional way to deliver information in a way that will peak interest, engage audiences, and make the content more retainable.  Make sure you maintain your audience’s attention with a fair amount of interaction while focusing on their needs.  Use these tips to elicit surprise, curiosity, and interest to make your presentation more meaningful.