Master Your Public Speaking Fears with These Tricks

Our ability to sell ourselves, our products, and our services depends on our ability to speak well in front of others.  Oftentimes, however, what prevents us from being successful is not our inability to articulate, but rather our fear of speaking in public.  Nervous speakers tend to lose their credibility and this can have an adverse effect on their careers.  Therefore, it is crucial to overcome your fear of public speaking in order to have the best chance at success.  Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you manage your anxiety so you can master the art of public speaking.

Outline Your Presentation

When you organize your thoughts and materials it helps you to stay calm and relaxed.  When your thoughts are clearly and neatly outlined, it can greatly reduce your speaking anxiety because you are able to focus on one point at a time.  You are also able to follow an organized timeline for your presentation.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like anything else, the more your practice the more comfortable you will become.  Nothing takes the place of practice when it comes to preparing for a presentation.

Watch Yourself in the Mirror

Whenever you are planning to speak in front of a group, it is always a good idea to practice your speech in front of a mirror.  This allows you to pay special attention to your facial expressions, gestures, body movements, and appearance.  Once you mastered the skill in front of the mirror, you will feel more confident about doing it in public.


Take time to do some deep breathing exercises right before you speak.  When you focus on your breathing, your body will relax and your nerves will calm.   Your body will stop producing so much adrenaline, giving your more clarity and giving your voice more resonance. Breathing is one of the best ways to calm any fear or anxiety about public speaking.

Do Light Exercise Before Speaking

Doing some light exercise before a presentation can get your blood flowing and send oxygen to your brain.  You can take a light walk or do a few knee bends before your speak.

Sip Warm Water

If you drink a little bit of warm water right before you speak, it helps to lubricate your throat allowing you to speak more clearly.  It can also be helpful to squeeze some lemon juice in your water.  Avoid sugary beverages as these tend to dry out your mouth making it harder to speak.

Meditate for 10 Minutes

Meditating is a great way to clear your head of any negative thoughts.  Even just a few minutes can help reduce public speaking anxiety and help you to eradicate negative thinking patterns.  When your body relaxes, your brain is able to process information better and you will be able to think more clearly.