Presenting: A Soft Skill That Will Help You Excel in Business

While your technical skills may help you get a foot in the door, it always helps to have a repertoire of soft skills in your back pocket.  Perhaps the most important of these soft skills is the ability to pull off a presentation.  The skills involved with being a good presenter embody many qualities that are essential to success in the business world.  Here are just a few career growth benefits that strong presentation skills will offer.

You Will Be a Better Problem Solver

For many people, their fear of public speaking presents a roadblock.  It creates a barrier between them and their professional goals.  If you are able to overcome this fear in order to become a strong presenter, it can be a valuable experience that extends well beyond the realm of public speaking.  You will have the tools necessary to overcome obstacles and you will learn how to devise strategies for solving future problems.

You Will Exude Confidence

The ability to assert yourself is crucial to finding opportunities in the business world.  When you exude confidence, you instantly make others feel confident in you and your business.   This is a skill that can be beneficial in various aspects of your career.  When talking to customers, it can mean closing a deal.  When talking with a manager or supervisor, it can mean getting a promotion.  Becoming a good presenter will make you more confident in every facet of your career.

It Will Make You More Versatile

If you develop strong presentation skills, there is no doubt you will be able to stand in front of an audience to discuss your company’s new campaign.  However, having the ability to present will be beneficial in a variety of settings.  Presentations happen all the time, even when you’re not standing in front of a podium.  Consider that pitch you made to your superior in the breakroom a presentation, or your follow-up meeting with your boss about the progress you have made on your new assignment.  Presentation skills will come in handy at various times and in just about any setting so it’s always good to possess those skills.

Engaging People is Critical

Presenters need to be convincing.  This means they need to develop a strong connection with their audience.  A passionate presenter makes people feel motivated and excited about the information being presented. The ability to create an emotional connection with other people will translate well beyond the podium.  This skill will enable you to develop strong relationships with superiors, colleagues, and clients.

Increase Your Visibility

Developing your presentations skills and carrying out dynamic presentations in front of other members of your company can add a huge strength to your career.  It’s a known fact that you are more likely to get noticed when you make yourself visible.  The next time your department needs someone to present at the next board meeting, volunteer for the job.  Giving a high-quality presentation gives the perception of someone who is authoritative and confident, both of which can take you a long way in the business world.