Read the Room: Conduct Presentations that Get Buzzed About

When most of us think about business presentations, the first word that comes to mind isn’t typically “captivating.”  It would be something more along the lines of “death by powerpoint.” We have grown accustomed to sitting through monotonous slides crawling with bullet points, tiny fonts, and less than stellar graphics.  The good news is there is an alternative.  Transform your next business presentation into a creative project that will fascinate your colleagues and get the office buzzing about your presentation skills.  Here are just a few tips to help you perfect a killer presentation.

Get Enthusiastic

Oftentimes we are told that great presenters know how to appear confident.  While confidence is a great trait, it can still leave audiences a bit disconnected.  Instead, focus on enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is infectious and audiences won’t be able to resist your passion.  They will listen more intently to what you are saying and they will naturally be more interested.

Get Your Message Across Clearly

So many times speakers lose their audience in the meaningless corporate jargon infused in their presentation.  They are so busy throwing charts and data at an audience who barely understands what they are talking about.  Remember to stay focused on the main point.  People aren’t ready for all of those intricate details unless they have a clear understanding of the big picture.  Trim your presentation down and break it into 3 key points.  Choose the 3 most important points that your audience must understand.  When it comes to presentations, sometimes simpler is better.  Give the audience something they can and will remember.

Tell a Captivating Story

Humans have a tendency to be driven by their emotions; therefore, a strong narrative allows you to tap into the emotions of your audience.  Telling a story is a great technique that can be used in any presentation, no matter how dry the content is that you are sharing.  Many presenters spend hours preparing data and information for their presentation, but if no one remembers what you present, all of that effort was for nothing.  Storytelling is so effective because it captures audience attention and draws them.  It is a highly effective technique for ensuring that your audience remembers your message.  The moment a presenter begins telling a story, you can almost watch as the audience settles in their seats anxious to hear a good story.

Be Authentic

The best advice for giving a great presentation is making it your own.  Speakers who read from scripts or slideshows will bore their audiences and lose their attention right from the start.  The most memorable presentations, however, offer something unique, fresh, and interesting.  Make your presentation your own, play to your strengths, and give a talk that is truly authentic.