Smile and Be Friendly

How do you feel when someone is talking to you with a frown on their face? It can feel alienating and uncomfortable, to say the least. How do you think your audience feels if they are watching you give an entire presentation with a stone-cold look on your face? Perhaps it makes them feel the same way. Your facial expressions and body language are the first impressions you make on your audience, therefore, be sure to display positivity by giving them a warm smile. Smiling is such a simple yet effective tool for improving your public speaking skills. 

It Helps You Connect with Your Audience

As a presenter, your primary goal should be to engage and connect with your audience while delivering your message. Smiling before, during, and after your presentation helps you to capture their interest and keeps them engaged. Everyone is more likely to be drawn to someone who is warm and friendly. Furthermore, the way you look at someone is the most fundamental way to create a connection with that person and a warm smile is certainly inviting.

It Makes You Authentic

If you have ever talked to someone who is very serious than you have probably wondered if they are like that all the time or if they were just trying to be professional. While it’s important to be professional, you can still do so with a smile on your face. When you present in a friendly manner, your audience is more likely to feel comfortable around you and they will appreciate the authenticity. People who smile and act friendly are more approachable and this is important when you are trying to connect with an audience. 

It Shows Confidence

Not only does smiling boost your own confidence, but it makes the audience see you as competent and attractive. A speaker who talks in a friendly, yet deliberate tone, will be perceived as intelligent, knowledgeable, relaxed, and credible. 

It Increases Audience Involvement

It’s important to remember that your presentation is not about you, but rather your audience. Therefore, you want to prioritize their needs. They have a need to be engaged during your presentation and a friendly demeanor is a great way to do just that. Audiences are far more likely to interact and participate in a presentation when the speaker is friendly and outgoing. Your smile and positivity will give off an energetic vibe that keeps the audience interested and will make everyone feel optimistic.

Presenting can be a stressful and nerve-wracking process for many, but you can make the experience more enjoyable for you and your audience when you simply approach it with a smile. Audience members are more likely to feel comfortable approaching you with questions and comments when you treat them to a smile. Likewise, they will find it easier to connect with someone who is warm and friendly. It is important for your confidence, your demeanor, and your overall well-being so never underestimate the importance of a smile!