An international Telecommunications company is preparing for a major acquisition. The CEO of seven years is at the helm and will need to drive this deal to a win-win solution. He will rely on his decades of experience as a CEO and President in the communications field but would like to brush up on his presentation skills as this is a critical business deal for the organization.

The Presentation Training Institute connected the CEO with their Master Trainer for 1 on 1 Executive Presentations Coaching™ session. This highly effective coaching format delivered both tangible skills and invaluable insights to the executive participant. The executive received individualized feedback from our master trainer and gained a refreshed set of new presentation skills that will benefit all future business deals for his organization.

Feeling equipped with new skills and a polished approach, the CEO went into the acquisition process with confidence and a renewed sense of personal and professional drive. The acquisition process was lengthy but ultimately successful for the company. The CEO was able to negotiate a beneficial deal using his revitalized presentation skills and praised his experience with Executive Presentations Coaching™ as truly vital to his career.

Contact us for Presentation Training Solutions
Contact us for Presentation Training Solutions

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