Writer’s Block- How to Present on a Topic That Doesn’t Really Interest You

Writer’s Block- How to Present on a Topic That Doesn’t Really Interest You

You have just been asked to present at a conference but there is just one major problem…you are completely disinterested in the topic.  How, then, can you give a compelling presentation and engage your audience when you, yourself know very little about the topic?  It can be difficult enough to present in a front of a group but that challenge is magnified when you feel less than competent on the topic you have to speak about.  The good news is there are things you can do to overcome your writer’s block and get inspired to create a presentation on this less then desirable topic.

Change Your Mindset

There is a huge difference between being lack of interest and dislike or hate.  Never give the latter any attention, as this will only frustrate you and create bitterness about giving the presentation.  Instead, find the advantage in knowing more about the topic.  Will knowing more about this topic advance you career?  Will researching the topic give you a better understanding about it?  Will presenting on this topic show your resilience to challenging situations?  The fact is, when you change your perception you will soon find that there are advantages to learning about things, even when they don’t interest you at first.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Every writer will experience writer’s block at one time or another.  Movement is a critical part of overcoming writer’s block.  When you are feeling less than inspired, you need to generate some sort of momentum to recharge your thoughts.  Go for a walk or a run.  Go for a bike ride.  If you wait until you are “inspired” to begin writing, you might be staring at a blank screen for quite a while.  Instead, get up and get your blood flowing.  This is the best way to get out of your funk and gather your thoughts.

There are No Boring Topics, Only Boring Content Creators

As stated above, getting inspired to write about something that is less than exciting is all about perception.  In reality, even the most boring topics can become interesting if given the write presenter. Think about all of the presentations you have attended.  Chances are some of them weren’t on the most interesting topics.  However, a great presenter found a way to make them interesting. The secret to making this boring topic seem more interesting is simple: ask the right questions.  If you take a few moments to ask yourself the who, what, when, where, and why about the topic, you will soon find answers that begin to make the topic seem more interesting. Think about what questions your audience will have about this topic and figure out how you can answer them.

Think of the End Result

If you still aren’t motivated to begin preparing your presentation, think about how this presentation can help you achieve your goals.  Will your boss be impressed with your ability to present on a challenging topic?  Will you earn the respect of your colleagues?  Will this presentation help to advance your career?  When you focus on the end result, you might just find that you are more motivated to learn about the topic.  The secret to a great presentation simply requires you to keep your eye on the prize.