YouTube and You

Delivering a great presentation involves more than just speaking to your live audience and creating an interesting slideshow.  It’s much more than that.  Your presentation shouldn’t end the moment you step away from the podium.  If you want to connect with customers in the most powerful way, you need to stay in touch with them long after the presentation is over.  One way to do this is by archiving your presentations on YouTube.  When most of us think of YouTube, we think about laughing hysterically at crazy cat videos or watching a sensational singer perform at a school talent show.  However, YouTube can also be a great tool for sharing content, attracting new customers, marketing your business, and sharing your knowledge of a topic.  The benefits of YouTube are far-reaching and allow you to connect with more customers than you ever thought possible.  Here are some of the ways that posting your presentations on YouTube can help you market your business.

  • While you might be scheduled to deliver an important presentation, the fact is not everyone will be able to attend it. Posting your presentations to YouTube enables those who might not be able to attend to view your presentation.  These individuals don’t have to miss out on the important information just because they couldn’t be there in person.
  • You can provide links to your presentation on YouTube in order to answer questions and provide information to potential clients. When a client has the opportunity to watch your presentation on YouTube, you get to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic as well as provide expert tips on how to use your product or service.  It is a great tool for answering many questions that a potential client might have.  YouTube is a convenient and practical means for sharing content with clients.
  • When you post your presentation to YouTube, you can receive feedback about your presentation. This can help you prepare for future presentations and gives you important information about what your audience is looking for.
  • YouTube can be viewed from anywhere in the world so it is a great tool for reaching international audiences as well as audiences all around the country.


YouTube is a fantastic tool for exposing your business to millions of people and it can also be a great way to improve communication within your organization.  It allows you to connect with people in order to strengthen relationships, increase knowledge and awareness, and ultimately grow your bottom line.