3 Ways to Use Nervous Energy to Your Advantage

If you have ever given a presentation then you have probably experienced that moment right before you take the stage when your heart feels like it is pounding out of your chest.  You can feel the anticipation building as your muscles tense up and your breathing becomes heavy.  All of this nervous energy is due to the release of adrenaline in your body.  This hormone prepares the body for action, and in this case, speaking in front of a crowd.  If you aware of the way your body reacts in these types of situations then you might actually discover the hidden benefits to this reaction.  With proper awareness, you can learn how to adapt and use this nervous energy to your advantage.

Work the Crowd

When your hearts begins beating faster, your blood pressure increases, and you begin tensing up this means that your body is pumping adrenaline.  This kind of response can be a GOOD thing.  When your body has this response, your senses sharpen and your ability to think on your feet improves.  It also improves your memory and helps you perform tasks more efficiently.    Use this energy to work the crowd.  Ad lib a few lines.  Speak with confidence about your topic.  Walk around the room or the stage.  Make eye contact with your audience.  Use the energy to encourage interaction with your audience.  In reality, your body is giving you the fuel needed to perform at your best.

Improve Voice Inflection

For most people, speaking in front of a crowd does not come naturally.  Our voices might be shaky and we speak softly.   We even speak in a monotone voice without even realizing it.  Instead of letting your nerves get the best of you, use that adrenaline rush to project a stronger voice.  Good stress can stimulate us and we can use it to vary our voice inflection and speak louder.  This will make you appear more confident and help you deliver a more dynamic presentation.

Be Passionate

When your adrenaline starts pumping you might feel more energetic.  Use that energy to speak with passion.  Presenters who are passionate about the subject matter of their presentation are more likely to connect with their audiences.  Don’t be afraid to move around, smile, and speak with vigor.  Your presentation will definitely be more memorable and your audience will share in your passion.

It is normal for people to experience nervousness before a presentation.  It is the body’s natural way of preparing it for a stressful situation.  However, by channeling your nerves into something positive, you can use them to your advantage.