Adding Your Personality to Your Presentation

Personality is what separates good speakers from great ones.  All too often we have sat through presentations that seemed stiff and unnatural.  We likely got distracted right from the start and failed to actually comprehend much of what the speaker actually said.  If you want to make your presentation more engaging and interesting for your audience you need to infuse your personality into the presentation.  This will hook your audience and peak their interest because it will feel more like a comfortable conversation.  Before stepping on stage for your next presentation, check out these tips for making it your own.

Share Your Experiences

If you want to create an interesting, engaging, and personable presentation you must be authentic.  By sharing your own experiences and wisdom with your audience, you give them an opportunity to connect with you on a personal level.  Your topic also becomes relatable, which is something that audiences will appreciate.

Don’t Be Too Serious

Sure, the purpose of your presentation is to deliver important information to your audience, but that doesn’t mean you have to do so in a completely stoic and serious manner.  Crack a joke.  Show a funny picture or video.  Tell a funny story.  You can still get your point across while infusing a little humor.  Audiences will appreciate your lighthearted attitude and you will certainly be more memorable.

Include Music

After you have been listening to someone talk for a long period, it can be helpful to use something else to draw the listener’s attention.  Music can help stimulate an audience while showcasing some of your personality.  You can use music in a humorous way or to evoke solemn emotion.  No matter how you do it, music is a great way to enhance your presentation while letting your personality shine through.

Be Vulnerable

Oftentimes speakers are afraid to show their emotions on stage.  It can be intimidating to express your feelings in front of a crowd, but it is also a fantastic way to show that you are genuine and authentic.  Don’t be afraid to let your true personality become evident in your emotions.  When you are vulnerable, audiences will connect with you and your presentation will become more meaningful.

Just be Yourself

You aren’t fooling anyone when you step on stage in your fancy outfit and stand at attention while delivering your presentation.  Everyone knows you aren’t really that serious so just let go and be yourself.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t conduct yourself in a professional manner, but it’s ok to lose some of the fancy speech and just talk to the audience the way you would a friend.  Talk about yourself, tell a story, use a few pictures or props, and just relax.  Let your audience get to know you by giving them a glimpse of your true personality.  They will appreciate the authenticity.