Creative Tools to Use for Your Presentation

A presentation is one of the most difficult assignments for many people, but with the right tools even the novice presenter can convey ideas in a way that is interesting and dynamic for learners.  While many of us grew up creating PowerPoint presentations that were dull and full of static words, there are some great alternatives out there that will help you illustrate your ideas with a little more flair.  Here are a few digital alternatives to the traditional PowerPoint that will help you reinvent your presentation.


Think about this for a minute…why do we even use presentations to deliver information? Visualization is arguably the most important aspect of learning so why not use a presentation tool that appeals to our visual senses? Prezi is unique in that it is an escape from the traditional linear presentation.  We don’t think in a straight line so why present in one?  With Prezi, users have the ability to group ideas and objects together and build a path that moves fluidly through the content.  Text, images, and multimedia are freely placed on the screen and can easily be resized rotated, or formatted with just a few simple clicks.  It is very user-friendly and can be accessed anywhere.  All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.

Haiku Deck

This brilliant presentation tool has everything you need to create a beautiful, fun, and visually stimulating presentation.  This iPad app is so easy to use and makes it virtually impossible to create a cluttered slide.  It includes features that allow users to create in-house graphs and also includes tons of themes and access to millions of photos.  It is a great tool for creative presentations.


Known as Apple’s version of PowerPoint, Keynote is a user-friendly program that includes innovative features and stylish designs.  It has appealing themes, fun animation effects, and smooth transitions that can take your presentation from boring to Wow! In addition to its visual appeal, it is helpful for presenters because it includes a clock and timer on the presenters view so it helps to stay on track during the presentation.  You can also purchase the Keynote remote for just .99 which turns your device into a wireless controller so you can walk around the room and still manage your slides.


For those who are looking for a more robust presentation software, CustomShow offers a great solution.  This tool allows users to build and create custom branded presentations that are far more visually appealing than traditional PowerPoint.  This tool is ideal for sales professionals or marketing teams who are looking to make an impact with their presentation. No more boring slideshows! With CustomShow users can create presentations that are unique and engaging.


When it comes to attracting prospects, sometimes being different is the best way to go.  Powtoon’s animation software allows users to easily create animations with props, characters, and much more.  This unique and creative approach to presenting is great for capturing audience attention and will certainly be memorable.  This is a fabulous tool for creating a fun and engaging presentation.