Presentation Organization Hacks

Giving a presentation can be an ominous task but with proper organization, you can deliver a presentation that is informative, clean, and effective.   It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the content that you forget about how you are going to actually present it.  When it comes time for you to prepare your presentation, consider these hacks to keep your presentation neat, organized, and effective.

Create an Outline

No matter how knowledgeable you are on a particular topic, it is important to make sure the content is well-structured.  Without structure, the audience will struggle to understand your delivery.  It’s easy for your thoughts to get jumbled and creating an outline will help you to put all your thoughts on paper in a way that is organized and sequential.  This doesn’t mean you have to write down an exact script, but simply jot down some keywords so you have a good understanding of how your presentation will flow.

Start with a Title Slide That Piques Interest

You have less than 30 seconds to hook your audience so you want to start off with a bang.  Your title slide should make your audience want to know more.  Pull them in quickly with a quote, startling statistic, interesting image, or fun and engaging activity.  The sooner you can draw your audience in the more likely they will stay focused during your presentation.

Ditch the Fancy Slideshow and Think About Delivery

While there is nothing wrong with using a slideshow as part of your presentation, there is certainly no need to waste countless hours perfecting the slides themselves.  In reality, a beautiful slideshow won’t improve your presentation.  The only thing that can improve your presentation is the way you deliver it.  Spend more time practicing, getting creative, and coming up with ways to engage your audience.

Practice More than You Plan

Many people make the mistake of spending so much time planning their presentation that they forget about saving time to practice it.  The best way to deliver a well-organized presentation is to make sure it was well-rehearsed.  Practice your presentation in front of family, friends, or colleagues.  Record yourself and then review the video to see what areas could use some improvement. The more you practice, the better organized you will be and the more confident you will feel on the big day.

Keep Your Slides Simple

One of the worst parts of sitting through a dull presentation is being forced to read multiple bullet points on each slide.  Nothing will bore your audience faster.  Instead, keep it simple and just include one or two key points on each slide.  You don’t want your entire presentation to be delivered on the slides.  Rather, the slides should showcase a couple of keywords and then it is up to you to present the material and elaborate on the content.  Remember, your audience didn’t show up to read a script.