Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Too Loud

Communication is essential to spread your mission, create brand awareness, cultivate relationships, and teach new material. The ability to speak well is crucial to connecting with an audience. That’s why it’s important to remember that your voice is one of your most treasured resources. Without it, you couldn’t share your passion and personality with your audience. Therefore, whenever you are giving a presentation, remember to use your voice in a way that evokes a powerful message and don’t be afraid to speak up. 

Oftentimes, we spend so much time preparing the content of our presentation that we overlook the basic aspects of presenting which include how to speak and loudly and clearly. The way you speak and project your voice can have a drastic impact on your presentation. Everything from tone and pitch to volume and pace can affect your ability to engage your audience. As you prepare for your next presentation, consider the importance of your voice and practice these tips for speaking loud and clear.  

Treat the Audience as if They are Hard of Hearing

It may sound silly but it is extremely important to remember this tip. When you speak to someone who doesn’t hear well, you pay extra attention to how you articulate your words and you speak a bit louder so they can hear you. You want to make sure every member of the audience can hear you whether they are in the front row or all the way in the back, so you need to project your voice. When you speak loud and clear, you will exude a sense of confidence and the audience will be able to better understand your presentation. 

Your Presentation Voice is Not Your Normal Talking Voice

You might feel awkward speaking up because it always sounds loud to yourself but it’s important to remember that your presentation voice should be louder than your talking voice. You want to be sure that you are easily heard from all areas of the room. If possible, ask a friend or colleague to sit in the back corner of the room and give you a secret gesture if you need to speak louder. 

Speak Loud and Deliberate

You should pay close attention to the way you speak because it can affect the way your audience perceives you. A loud, slow, and deliberate voice allows for better enunciation and clarity. It also signals confidence, intelligence, and credibility to the audience. Audiences will find your message to be more persuasive if you speak loud and clear. 


In addition to practicing what you are going to say you also need to practice how you say it. Speaking loudly doesn’t always come naturally and it’s oftentimes something that requires more thought. Practice in front of a mirror, in front of friends, and even record yourself to make sure your voice is audible. You have prepared a great presentation and you want your audience to hear what you have to say so be sure and speak up!