How to Reach a Wider Audience by Live Streaming Your Speaking Engagement

Whether you are presenting new ideas to colleagues or reaching out to potential clients, live streaming is a great way to inform, share your ideas, and interact with others in your market. Live streaming is a concept that involves the transmission of live video and audio coverage over the internet. Though it has been around for quite a few years, it has become increasingly popular as a means for companies to reach a  broader audience thanks to its easy accessibility through various social media platforms. Here are just a few of the reasons why live streaming can work for you. 

Reach a Bigger Audience for Your Speaking Engagement

If you are planning a speaking engagement, there will always be physical and geographical limitations no matter where the event is being held. Live streaming your presentation, on the other hand, has no limitations which makes it accessible to a worldwide audience. There are no longer capacity limitations like those at a physical event and companies don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on travel arrangements. Live streaming your presentation gives anyone anywhere in the world access to your presentation right where they are. 

Your Content Will Have a Sense of Urgency

If you promote your speaking engagement and let audiences know that the content is a one-time-only video streaming event, your presentation becomes more rare and urgent. Clients and online users are more passive toward content they can access anytime, but if your live stream is only available at that moment it can create a sense of urgency for viewers. 

Create Online Interaction

The purpose of any presentation is to inform, persuade, or entertain audiences by engaging with them. Live streaming is a great way to boost online interaction between you and your audience. You can engage with audience members anywhere in the world and this can increase engagement with prospective clients who otherwise may have not contacted you. 

Stand Out From the Crowd

Live streaming is a great way to make your brand and business stand out from the rest. Live streamed speaking engagements are not being used by everyone, so it can be a great marketing ploy that sets you apart from the competition. It is a fun, easy, and interesting way to share ideas and expand your brand across a much wider audience. With live streaming, the potential for new clients is endless and you can quickly increase awareness and presentation attendees.