Promotion in Advance: Photo, Flyer, Brochure

Promotion in Advance: Photo, Flyer, Brochure

You have spent countless hours preparing your presentation, from outlining and mapping out what you are going to say to putting together an engaging slideshow.  Now you need to ensure that you have a full audience to hear it. Promoting your presentation in advance is an important component of delivering a successful presentation.  Not only do you want to ensure you have strong attendance, but you want to give attendees an idea of what they can expect from your presentation. Here are a few reasons why advance promotion is important and how you can go about promoting your presentation.  

The Benefits of Promoting in Advance

  • People are busy and their schedules fill up quickly.  Promoting in advance allows people to make plans to attend your presentation.
  • People are more likely to attend a presentation if they know what it’s about.  They want to have a clear understanding of what will be discussed and how it will benefit them. Promoting your presentations allows you to provide attendees with an overview of the topic in advance.
  • Presentations are most effective when the audience comes prepared.  Promoting your presentation gives people a chance to research the topic, find out a little more about it, and prepare questions in advance.
  • Promoting your presentation in advance also gives the presenter a chance to find out exactly what the attendees want.  You can include contact information so people can reach out to you beforehand with comments or suggestions. You can also use social media to spark conversation about your presentation beforehand.

Ways to Promote Your Presentation

  • Social media channels have become a popular platform for promoting presentations, conferences, and events.  You have the ability to reach a broader audience and it also gives attendees the chance to ask questions and share conversation about it.
  • Brochures are another great way to promote your presentation because they allow you to highlight the main points of your presentation and prepare audiences for what they can expect.  You can also mail brochures directly to your target audience members and it is a great place to include contact information, links to additional resources, etc.
  • If you work in a large office and want to spread the word about your upcoming presentation you can do so effectively through the use of flyers.  Pass them out, post them in common areas, and even email them to employees in your office.
  • Photographs are yet another great way to promote an upcoming presentation.  You can use photographs that highlight the topic or photographs that peak interest and entice people to attend your presentation.