The Benefits of Incorporating Partners Into Your Presentation

Are you among those who dread the idea of a group presentation? Do you feel like you always get stuck with the brunt of the work? While some of your concerns might be valid, don’t count out group presentations just yet. There are actually a number of benefits to co-presenting. Presenting with the right partner can strengthen your message and help you deliver a more powerful and engaging presentation. Consider the following benefits for incorporating partners into your presentation. 


It Eases Your Anxiety

One of the most notable benefits of presenting with a partner is exactly that, you’re not alone! Many people have a very real fear of public speaking and the thought of presenting in front of a group makes them very anxious. Presenting with a partner can help to relieve some of that anxiety and help you to feel more comfortable in front of your audience. Not only are you not alone on the stage, but you have the comfort of knowing that your partner can come to your rescue if you need help. 


It’s Easier to Manage Your Presentation

Delivering your presentation is only half the battle. You have to create the entire presentation first! It can be very helpful to work with one or more partners to create a great presentation. It also allows each person to play to their strengths. For example, one person might be in charge of coming up with content while the other is better at creating a slideshow. Furthermore, solo presenters can easily get overwhelmed because they are managing so many tasks at the same time during a presentation. They are trying to remember their content, manage the slideshow, make eye contact with the audience, read the audience’s reaction, and manage their time. When working with a partner, one can perform these other tasks while the other is speaking. Co-presenting takes a great deal of pressure off the presenter, as they can share these tasks with their partner. 


The Presentation is Less Boring

Listening to a single presenter talk for 30 minutes can feel tiring, whereas the interplay between co-presenters is more interesting. It just feels more natural, much like a conversation and it’s easier for an audience to remain engaged. There is no awkward silence, such as when a solo speaker pauses to take a break. Rather, two presenters can feed off each other and fill in the gaps for the other. This, coupled with a variety in tone and style can help keep the audience’s attention longer. 


Teamwork in Navigating the Presentation

Many presentations today have a technical component such as a slideshow and it’s much easier to navigate the presentation with a partner. One person can be running the slideshow or playing the video while the other is talking and engaging the audience. This helps to keep the audience’s attention because you aren’t having to stop to figure out technical details. 


Different Vantage Points

We’ve all heard the saying that “two heads are better than one” and this holds true for presentations. It can be very beneficial to work with partners because everyone has something special and unique to bring to the table. One person might be better at analytics and delivering data while the other has a great sense of humor. One might be a great storyteller while the other has a knack for explaining information in a clear and concise way. Working with a partner allows you to bring different perspectives and vantage points to the presentation.