The Importance of Being Authentic in Presentations

There are a number of traits that make for an excellent public speaker, but perhaps none are as important as authenticity. In a world that has been plagued by scandals and corruption, the ability to communicate authentically with others has become an important leadership trait. When speakers are authentic, they can inspire others to do extraordinary things. But, what is authenticity and why is it so important for presenters?

What is Authenticity?

Authenticity is defined as the phenomenon that occurs when something is “worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on factâ€. It is also defined as “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.†In other words, individuals who are authentic are those who strive to align their core values and beliefs with their actions so that others can see their true self. For presenters, this means making sure that when you step on stage to speak, you stay true to yourself and what you believe. Share your passion about your topic and don’t let others convince you otherwise. Unlike entertainers who can be one person on stage and someone completely different in real life, presenters, trainers, and facilitators need to be authentic. 

Why is Authenticity Important for Public Speakers?

1. It Demonstrates Honesty

When you are presenting to a group of people, you are sharing information with them so you want to come across as a credible source. People are more likely to accept your information if they trust you, and authenticity is the number one trait that demonstrates honesty. 

2. It Shows You to be Genuine

Always remember to be yourself when speaking to others. Genuine people build rapport and connect with their audiences far better than those who come across as fake. 

3. It Helps You Lead by Example

Another way to demonstrate authenticity is by walking the walk. You should demonstrate the very message that you are trying to share with others. For example, a time management expert who arrives 10 minutes late and runs 15 minutes over might not be well received by the audience. 

4. Builds Trust

The best speakers are those who connect with their audience and there is no better way to connect than through trust. When you are authentic, people will believe in you and what you are saying. It takes courage to be who you are and the audience will appreciate that and find trust with you as a result.