The Pros and Cons of Presenting in a Team and How to Manage the Workload

Teamwork requires a group of individuals to work together toward a common goal. Depending on your personality you may or may not like the idea of working as a team.  It’s not always easy working with a group, but there are times when presenting as a team can also work in your favor. Working as a team can certainly be chaotic, but it can also prove to be an incredible learning experience. Let’s examine a few of the advantages and disadvantages of presenting as a team as well as tips for dividing the workload evenly. 

What Are the Pros of Group Presentations?

More Ideas to Share

Haven’t we always heard that two heads are better than one? That’s because more can be achieved by collaborating with a group. Everyone has different experiences, views, and ideas that they can bring to the table and the ability to share these ideas can lead to a more successful presentation. The fact that team members can bounce ideas off of each other can be very advantageous. 

Division of Work

The thought of putting together an entire presentation can be a bit overwhelming but when you are working as a team, a fair division of labor can make the workload less daunting. Instead of being responsible for the entire project, each person is only expected to handle one aspect of it. That said, it is important that the workload be divided equally among team members to ensure that everyone puts in their fair share of work. 

Increased Efficiency

With more people thinking and working, things are likely to get done faster. When each member works to complete their own piece of the puzzle, the entire presentation will come together much quicker. Contrary to popular belief, working as a group can actually lead to increased efficiency. 

You Can Play to Your Strengths

Everyone has different strengths and talents so working as a group allows you to take on whatever task you feel most comfortable doing. You can each find the specific role that best suits your skillset and focus on that area. 

What Are the Cons of Group Presentations?

Unequal Involvement in the Work

It’s challenging to work in a group when you feel like everyone isn’t doing their fair share. You will always have the people who are willing to go above and beyond and those that are lazy and wait for others to do their work. This can be one of the most frustrating issues to deal with so it’s important to delegate tasks and set clear expectations right from the start. 

Clash of Ideas

Things can quickly go awry when your team is in disagreement. People will inevitably have different ideas and working methods and this can make things complicated. It can sometimes be difficult to coordinate with multiple people so it’s helpful to have a group leader who can act as a mediator. 

Dealing with an Overbearing Personality

One of the most common challenges of presenting with a group is dealing with an overbearing personality. You might have an authoritative leader who is unwilling to listen to anyone else’s ideas or a team member who is trying to outshine the rest of the group. In these instances, it’s important to remember that you are all working together toward a common goal and everyone’s role in the group is equally important.