Use Creative Visualization to Succeed During a Speech

Oftentimes presenters spend hours perfecting their speeches.  They work tirelessly to ensure their talk is on point, their slides are well organized, and their technology is working properly.  While each of these elements is very important, all the while the speaker is fighting the nerves and anxiety associated with giving the speech.  In reality, there is no point in having the perfect speech if the speaker is unable to perform it.  In addition to spending time preparing the bones of the speech, presenters should also focus on preparing themselves mentally.  Creative visualization is a coping mechanism that allows one to change a real-world experience by changing their inner thoughts.  Creative visualization can guide you to a new way of thinking in which public speaking is seen as a positive experience.  Through the process of visualization, even the most nervous presenters can deliver a successful speech.

How to Use Creative Visualization

  • Start by asking yourself a few questions: “What comes to mind first when I think about public speaking?†“How do I visualize myself giving a presentation?†“What makes me the most nervous?†When you seek to understand exactly what it is that is making you nervous and anxious, you can then focus your thoughts on how to turn those fears into positivity.
  • Find a quiet place where you can sit and relax. Close your eyes and visualize yourself giving your speech.  See yourself executing everything perfectly with an engaged audience who responds positively.  Be as detailed as possible in your thoughts, seeing smiles on the face of audience members and hearing the sounds of their applause.
  • As you visualize this optimal environment, practice your speech in your head. Go through your introduction, highlight the topic areas, and practice your conclusion.  Running through your speech in your mind several times will help to increase your confidence level.
  • Repeat this process several times before giving your presentation. As you repeat the process, you will begin to notice a change in your perception of the speech as well as your ability to deliver it with confidence.


The Benefits of Creative Visualization

While it might sounds like a bunch of psycho-babble, there is actually plenty of scientific evidence to support this technique.  As a result, creative visualization has become a widely used technique in the acting world and sports world.  When done properly, this technique will boost your confidence and allow you to dispel many of the negative associations you had with public speaking.  It can improve your ability to focus and help you to come up with new and innovative ideas.  It is a great way to reduce stress and keep you motivated as you prepare for your speech.  Our thoughts shape our reality, so why not focus on positive thinking to make a real difference in our presentation skills.