What is the Importance of Using Visuals When Giving a Presentation?

While preparation and delivery are critical components of a successful presentation, the visuals you use throughout your presentation are equally important. Science and research suggest that nearly 75% of learning occurs through sight, which is why visuals are a necessary tool for effective presentations. When used properly, visual aids can help your audience connect to the topic and understand it’s message. There are many types of visual aids including slideshows, videos, handouts, and props, all of which can help reinforce your main message. Here are a few reasons why visuals play such a significant role in presentations.

Enhance Your Presentation
Listening to a speaker talk for a lengthy period of time is enough to put anyone to sleep. Visuals help to add that extra element of interest to the presentation. No matter the topic, you can always make it more interesting with visuals. Visual aids help to grab the audiences’ attention by enabling them to see colorful representations of your message.

Maintain Audience Attention
In a world where just about everyone has a cell phone or tablet with them at all times, it can be extremely difficult to capture and maintain people’s attention. With the swipe of a finger they can be checking emails, browsing the web, or checking sports scores so it’s incredibly important to do everything you can to capture their attention. High quality visuals can significantly increase the chances of your audience paying attention to you rather than staring at their phone.

Images Help People Understand
When you throw mountains of text at your audience, it can be nearly impossible for them to understand the material. Images are important because they help to clarify your points. Our brains process images much faster than text, meaning that the best way to help your audience understand the material is through visual aids.

Visuals Help with Long-Term Memory
Visual images make a long-lasting impression on our minds, increasing the chances that your audience will remember the information. Research shows that the combination of visuals along with text increases one’s ability to remember the information for a longer period of time. If you want audiences to remember your material long after your presentation ends, it’s best to incorporate some good visuals.

Visuals Can Inspire
The ultimate goal of any presentation is to inspire your audience. You want them to take something away from your presentation and actually do something with the information you give them. Visuals resonate with people in a way that text and words alone cannot. Great visuals have the power to move people and inspire them.